Orchid Tip: Price

Here is our newest Orchid tip: Price is only slightly important when buying Orchids. The same variety of Orchid can be sold for $15 or $100, but what if the $15 version take years to perform or doesn't live? The most important things when getting a good price are to ensure you know what the plant will look like and that it is coming from a trusted grower who stands behind their plants.

Orchid Tip: Which Kind of Orchids for Various Conditions

When choosing which kind of Orchid to grow in various conditions, the best thing to do is choose the right kind of Orchid that can fit your environment. For example, if you have bright light, choose a Dendrobium or Cattleya. If you have low light, choose a Phalaenopsis or Paphiopedilum Orchid. If you have medium light, choose an Oncidium or Odontoglossum. Light conditions at home can be changed with use of curtains, placement, or lights.

Orchid Tip: Longest Lasting Orchid Flowers

This Orchid tip is about the longest lasting Orchid flowers. If you like flower spike after flower spike, Phalaenopsis Orchids can bloom 2-3 months on one flower spike. If it is cut above a node, it may rebloom another couple months or longer. Some Phalaenopsis Orchids have so much strength they may bloom 6-12 months. Other Phalaenopsis Orchids may not yet have strength to rebloom so it may take years to get to that point. Regardless, Phalaenopsis Orchids are the best choice for a long blooming Orchid.

Orchid Tip: Choosing the Right Orchids to Grow

The key to choosing the right Orchids to grow is taking the time to understand what growing conditions they will need. Some Orchids need very bright light, for example, and your home may or may not have bright enough light. Other Orchids, such as Phalaenopsis Orchids, cannot take direct sun on their leaves. That means a Phalaenopsis Orchid needs a shady location 24 hours per day.