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Blog by the team.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jump Start on Growing Your First Orchids

This post is to give you a jump start on growing your first Orchids. To me, the perfect start to growing Orchids would be to get the items below. This should all come to around $100-150 and you'll be all set to go!
  1. Buy a good Orchid book. This is a good book if you like beautiful large photos. Or, here is a book with more copy which has a good simplification. If you want to save money, this Ortho book is always a good one. If you don't like to read and prefer a DVD, here's a good DVD.
  2. Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are the easiest to grow if you have a shady spot indoors. They bloom for a nice long time. This is a nice Phalaenopsis Orchid collection to start with.
  3. Dendrobiums are great Orchids for that bright window inside the house. This particular Dendrobium is a long blooming type, also called a Phalaenopsis type Dendrobium.
  4. For repotting eventually, this is a good bark for both of the above Orchids.
  5. This Orchid fertilizer works well for the above Orchids.
  6. A humidity tray is very important in growing Orchids, since Orchids are from tropical climates. Here is a good humidity tray meant for one Orchid. Or, here is a large humidity tray which can work for 3-4 Orchids.

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