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Blog by the team.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Review of Hardy Daylily Gardens in Connecticut

A terrific outdoor plant to compliment Orchids are Daylilies. We visited Hardy Daylily Gardens in Connecticut and here is our review.

Hardy Daylily Garden is a beautiful garden set in the northwest corner of Connecticut. The owner and staff are polite, generous, and friendly. We purchased some field grown Daylilies and they were all terrific plants. In fact we couldn't believe how large the plants were for a northern garden.

This is kind of a husband and wife small business. When they could they would greet people as they came in the garden. They showed them around and answered questions. They were very helpful.

They have lots of Daylily varieties as well as some Hosta. The gardens are located in front of and behind their house.

This is not a large scale grower with tons of each variety. It is a garden with lots of varieties. I would not recommend toting a list of Daylilies into the garden to seek out as they are not set up like a mail order garden. They are set up as a garden one can browse through in person and be pleasantly surprised to discover many beautiful plants. Some would be named varieties from other growers, some will be their own varieties, and others will be their own seedlings.

Here is a link to the Hardy Daylily Garden website.

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