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About Masdevallia Orchids

Masdevallia OrchidNamed for Dr. Josť Masdeval of Spain, the Masdevallia orchids can be found in many places in Latin America. Many of them grow in the mountains of the Andean range on tree tops, but they can be epiphytes, terrestrials, or lithophytes. They prefer to grow in the shade in places of high humidity and cool temperatures. They tend to stop growing and drop their leaves when it gets too hot and bright for them.

Masdevallia blooms are triangular in shape with very small petals almost hidden inside the flower. The more visible and showy parts of the flower are the sepals, which bear all the colors and markings and usually have long tails. The plants may appear drooping, but this is normal for them.

Spectacular guide on Orchid care and growing.

Our favorites:

Masdevallia Ziegler's Love

Masdevallia O'Brien's Passion

Masdevallia Ted Khoe

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