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About Miltonia Orchids

Various Miltonia OrchidsMiltonia Orchids are generally referred to as “Pansy Orchids”, but growers have divided this genus into two groups: Miltonia and Miltoniopsis, the second of which being the one that looks like the pansy.

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Miltonia, the species, resemble an Oncidium orchid more. There have been debates between taxonomists whether or not to transfer the Miltonia to the Oncidium genus because they are similar in many ways.

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While Miltonias originate from warm Brazil and mostly bloom in the fall, Miltoniopsis are local to cooler Colombia and flower most during the spring. Miltonias have 2-leaved pseudobulbs while the Miltoniopsis’ are 1-leaved. Miltonias tend to be scattered in appearance, while Miltoniopsis are more tightly clustered.

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