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About Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium Orchid, Colmanara WildcatOncidiums were nicknamed “Dancing Ladies” or “Dancing Dolls” by some because their flowers look like a troop of ballerinas, while others refer to them as “Butterfly Orchids” because they also look like the colorful insects when they flutter in the breeze.

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Oncidium Orchids are sometimes called “Spray Orchids” as well because of their capacity to store water.

Oncidium is a complicated genus, with a lot of reclassification going on among its species. Most of them are epiphytes, but some are also lithophytes or terrestrials. They are found in different regions of the tropical Americas and thrive in seasonal dry areas. Here are our 5 favorite Oncidium Orchids and Orchid hybrids:

Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' - smells like chocolate

Odontocidium Catatante

Odcdm. Everglades Elegance

Miltassia Charles M Fitch

Brassia caudata alba 'JEM' AM / AOS

Some oncidiums can grow up to a height of 5 meters. Their flowers, which have enormous ruffled petals and lip, come in shades of yellow, red, white, and pink.

Oncidium species have column wings and pseudobulbs of up to three leaves.

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