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While growing Orchids at home, one needs to remember to meet their light, water, temperature, fertilization, and repotting requirements. You must make sure to give them enough light. You can check for this by inspecting their foliage. Light green leaves receive a healthy amount of light, dark green ones are getting too little, and dark reddish ones are getting too much. Water them accordingly, more frequent during the summer months to keep them moist and just enough to keep them hydrated during the cooler months. Also make sure that you do not wet the leaves when you water your orchids as this could lead to rot. Ensure that the plant is growing in the proper temperature (usually all orchids thrive perfectly in temperature ranging from 55oF to 85oF). Proper fertilization at least once a month is also required. Orchids also need to be repotted every 2 or 3 years.

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