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Orchid GreenhousesGrowing orchids in a greenhouse enables you to control the environment that your plants need and grow any of them year round. Many hobbyists build or buy one to be able to ensure a good growth sanctuary for their orchids. Depending on the plants you wish to keep in it, a greenhouse can achieve the ideal setup with regards to light, humidity, microclimate variations, etc.

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These are the best 3 Orchid greenhouses and grow light systems for home use:

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Light System

4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

A greenhouse may be made of aluminum or wood, with the former being the preferable because it withstands the elements better and ages slower than wood does. To control the temperature, you might have to put in a heat source such as a small furnace or electric heat, especially if youíre in a cold region. To simulate the breeze and air movement of the orchidís natural habitats, you can put in oscillating fans. For humidity, devices such as fogger or misters can help achieve the right moisture for your plants.

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The Garden Starter Greenhouse is a portable greenhouse which is frost resistant. This greenhouse can be used indoors or outdoors, has tiered shelving, and a tubular steel frame.


The 5' Clear PlantHouse
was designed to protect plants and extend the growing season. It has clear PVC material with UV protection to last longer. This greenhouse has an open floor.


The Rion 6 x 8 Backyard Hobby Greenhouse has UV protection, an apex roof design, and sliding doors.


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