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Orchid pots are important items to consider because growing orchids means having to do a lot of repotting. The pots come in different materials including ceramic, terracotta, plastic, basket, etc. The important factors to consider in choosing the ideal pots for your plants are drainage and air movement capacity. If you want to see what is going on with the roots and the moisture content, there are clear pots available in the market. However, clear plastic pots are more susceptible to algae growth than the others. For maximum aeration for orchid roots, you can also get hold of net pots made of plastic. These are great, clear Orchid pots.

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Of course, the pots are sometimes also part of the overall appearance of the plant, so some prefer ceramic pots for decorative purposes. Some smart growers compromise and place the plant in clear pots before then putting the already potted orchid in a nice container. This way, they need only pull out the plant to check on the roots.

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