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The Orchidaceae family is the largest in the plant world with more than 25,000 species under its name. That diversity is one of its amazing qualities is evident in the available colors, markings, plant structure, petal patterns, fragrances, growing requirements, et cetera, among the different kinds.

Orchids are so prolific that many varieties are available in nurseries, garden shops, and even supermarkets. However, the elusive quality associated with orchids still remains with some of the rarer breeds. Avid orchidists would give their eye-teeth to get their hands on any of the following, but they won’t be allowed to. Most of these rare types are now endangered:

  • Thought to have gone to extinction, the tiny Phal appendiculata is understandably a rare species.
  • The Maxilliara mombarchoensis and the Epidendrum glumarum are rare orchids that can only be found on the Mombacho mountaintops in Nicaragua.
  • The Paphiopedilum Rothschilianum is another rare orchid that thrives in the mountains. This one was discovered in Mount Kinabalu of Malaysia.

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