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About Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis OrchidsPhalaenopsis Orchids are the most popular kind of Orchid to buy and grow, in the world. This is because they are fairly easy orchids to grow, they usually have long lasting flowers, and there are many varieties to choose from. Phalaenopsis Orchids prefer low light conditions, with no direct sun on their leaves. They don't like to fully dry out between waterings. Phalaenopsis Orchids (video here) may bloom for a couple months up to a year on a very strong plant. These are our favorite Phalaenopsis Orchids:

Phalaenopsis Mistral's Sunrise Flame 'Mendenhall'

Phalaenopsis schilleriana 'Pink Butterfly' AM/AOS

Dtps Sogo Manager 'Newberry Sunshine'

The Phalaenopsis derives its name from Phalaena, which is what Carolus Linnaeus called a group of large moths, because its flowers look like moths in flight. This is why this species is also commonly known as “Moth Orchid”.

Phalaenopsis orchids are mostly epiphytic although some are also lithophytic. They are found in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Northern Australia. They thrive in moist and humid forests where they are shaded from direct sunlight.

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Phalaenopsis Mistral's Sunrise Flame 'Mendenhall'
Lc. Mary Elizabeth Bohn 'Royal Flare' AM/AOS, will produce lovely blue flowers
Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants
Cymbidium Mighty Remus 'Vintage' HCC/AOS orchid blooming size in 3.5 inch pot

The Phalaenopsis flowers annually and the blossoms last for several weeks. Inside the house, it can continue to do so for two to three months. The flowers can be white, yellow, or pink in color. There are two kinds of Phalaenopsis Orchids based on the flowers they produce: multi-floral and novelty. The multi-floral variety produces smaller flowers in greater numbers. The novelty Phalaenopsis Orchid has fewer but more colorful flowers.

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Phalaenopsis Orchids We Recommend

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