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Paphiopedilum spicerianum OrchidFamed for their exotic beauty and diversity, orchids are the largest family of plants on the planet with almost 30,000 unique species, more than a third of which are found in the tropics. To give you an idea of the extent of variety when talking about orchids, you must realize that the available colors circumnavigate the color spectrum, perhaps skipping only true black. As for size, one orchid bloom can be all of 20 mm in diameter (the size of a small coin) and another may have 30-inch petals and weigh a ton. In general the floral structure is the same for all species; each flower has six parts with the three outer sepals and the three inner petals. If you like an Orchid species that smells like coconut, check out Maxillaria tenuifolia.

Orchids may be found all over the globe, except in Antarctica. Some species are pantropical and are found in any tropical country and some are endemic and are unique to a certain location. Most orchids thrive in rainforests, but there are some that are found in arid regions, coastal areas, and in the tundra. Jumellea comorensis is an interesting Orchid species with small fragrant flowers.

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