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Why Grow Orchids

Novelty Phalaenopsis OrchidOrchids, despite their exotic allure, are relatively easy plants to care for. Their variety is so extensive that you can easily find a kind that suits your location and daily schedule. They never really take up much space, unless in the case of vast collections, and for all their compactness, the effect of their accent to a place is great. They also generally live very long, so itís okay to get attached.

Growing orchids is rewarding if only for the thrill of being able to coax such a delicate plant to reveal the kind of delightful beauty it can muster. As houseplants go, orchids certainly set the standard; the flowers are gorgeous and the accompanying fragrance, always lovely. However, the rewards you can reap go beyond the primary pleasure of owning something so beautiful. Because of the growing destruction of rainforests, many orchid species have become endangered. Cultivating them in your home can be your contribution to conserving these wonderful gifts of nature.

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